Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Supernaturalist Premiere!

You do not want to miss Dan White's new TV show, The Supernaturalist, which premieres tomorrow night on the Discovery Channel at 10:00PM Eastern Time!

On the show Dan will be exploring the most remote parts of the world hunting for stories of real magic. Along the way he'll be performing street magic for the locals, some of whom have never experienced magic before.

Along with being a good friend to Tannen's, Dan is a consultant for David Blaine and one of Theory 11's founding artists. Dan's trick, Lit, where a matchbook transforms into a chosen card, is currently being used by magicians all over the world.

Show him your support and check out Dan's Facebook and Twitter.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eugene Burger Tannen's Video!

A BIG thank you to Michael Boyce for making this awesome video of Eugene Burger at Tannen's! Enjoy!

Tannen's Magic Promo with Eugene Burger from Michael Boyce on Vimeo.