Thursday, March 28, 2013

Card Tricks part of the Princeton Curriculum

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A new seminar for Princeton University Freshman focuses on teaching mathematics through card tricks.

Students learn mathamatical based card tricks and a part of their homework assignments even include inventing their own tricks!

"This course is meant to show that math is not a robotic science at all. It is an art and has a truly creative side. That's how mathematicians approach mathematics — creatively," said Manjul Bhargava the instructor and creator of the seminar.

Now high school magicians have a new, and very good reason, to apply to Princeton!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tannen's Campers on the Today Show with David Copperfield!

Tannen's Magic Campers Kayla Drescher and Jeff Prace appeared on NBC's Today Show this morning as part of their Magic Monday series!

Kayla and Jeff each performed a trick as part of a mini magic competition judged by David Copperfield. Kayla performed a spellbound routine using bottle caps and Jeff performed his highly-acclaimed GUM routine.

Copperfield awarded Kayla the first place trophy which included a trip to Las Vegas to see his show at the MGM Grand and a tour his magic museum.

Congratulations to Kayla and Jeff for the awesome TV spot, we're looking forward to having both of them back at Tannen's Magic Camp this summer!

You can watch the video here.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

The Wall Street Journal Reports on the Conjuring Arts Research Center

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Bill Kalush at the Conjuring Arts Research Center
Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about Bill Kalush and the Conjuring Arts Research Center.

The article focused on the growth of the library and its importance to magic history. It also included wondrous descriptions of this ever mysterious New York City magic spot.
The library is a warren of rooms with towering bookshelves and velvet drapes. Labels mark sections on such topics as mentalism, ventriloquism, juggling, hypnosis, escapology, sleight-of-hand and cheating at gambling.
Originally the private collection of Kalush, the library has since grown into a resource utilized by magicians all over the world including Las Vegas regulars David Copperfield and Teller.

If you want to do your research at the Conjuring Arts Research Center remember to make an appointment, and don't even think about browsing!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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If you have never attended NEMCON you are missing a great 1 day convention.

Only and hour and 40 minute drive from Manhattan, this 1 day event is an early morning to late night gathering that gives a good bang for the Buck.

The nice bonus at this 1 day convention is the annual Silent Auction. This year there were autographed, limited edition Lance Burton posters as well as a number of DVD sets including one from René Levand which had a large interest.

Lectures featured Paul Gertner the honoree of the show who devoted a chunk of his lecture to the business of getting gigs and retaining clients. Solid advice from someone who is definitely an authority. Of course, Gertner included his ever in demand cups and balls routine featured in his out of print book Steel and Silver.

Another great lecture at this year's convention was the always entertaining Tom Burgoon who kept all attending in stitches throughout his talk.  Burgoon is very funny and extremely creative with his magic and gags.

The mid-day close-up show included the above lecturers as well as Atlanta Magician Ken Scott who was very amusing. Also performing was an impressive young magician, Oliver Dodd, a previous SYM competition winner.

The evening show lasted a little over 3 hours and included the very smooth peformance of George Sarterial who did a great dove act which brought to mind the renowned Lance Burton.

It is really worthwile to attend this very well executed 1 day gathering. You will be glad you did.

The evening show had a surprise short performance from Eric Dittleman, a runner-up
on the most recent America's Got Talent.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Michael Vincent's Quest for Mastery

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Michael Vincent at Tannen's in NYC
British magician, Michael Vincent, lectured for a sold-out Tannen's crowd on Tuesday night in New York City. Michael shared his thoughts on how to adjust a close-up trick into a parlor effect that plays for dozens of people.

He was giddy with enthusiasm when describing his effects and theories on how to master the art of magic. Michael told us that he believes mastery comes through unconscious competency, he said once a magician reaches that state "the magic just happens." His influence for this idea was Bruce Lee who described mastery as "Mushin No Shin" which translates to "A State of No Mind." Michael's goal is to achieve that state with every piece he performs.

For the past 15 years Michael has obsessed over Dai Vernon's Travelers which was first published in The Stars of Magic. Michael has put his soul into the routine and has transformed it into his variation where his hands are always shown empty before going into his pockets to retrieve the signed aces. This routine was thoughtful and  powerful and is available for the first time ever in Michael's book The Ultimate Travelers.

Enjoy this video of Michael at Tannen's!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Narratively Writes about Tannen's!

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Tannen's Owner, Adam Blumenthal
Online magazine, Narratively, stopped by Tannen's last week to write a feature article on the store. Narritively describes itself as "devoted exclusively to sharing a city’s untold stories—the rich, intricate narratives that get at the heart of what a place is all about," and in the article they certainly share the true magic of Tannen's.

In the article, titled, Miracles on 34th Street, the reporter interviews store employees and shares anecdotes from her experience at Tannen's.
Tannen’s is about its tight-knit community of magicians. Those amateur magicians come in to practice at the black-painted round table in the middle of the showroom, testing tricks against each other or on unsuspecting civilians who have wandered in.
Narritively successfully reveals the feel of the store, we hope you enjoy the article!