Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Now You See Me Review!

Last night the Tannen's crew was invited to a sneak peak of the upcoming magic film Now You See Me.

The film was a blast, it moved quickly, kept the audience guessing and including some stunning magic! The main character named Michael Atlas played by Jesse Eisenberg always had Monarch Playing Cards in hand and was consistently doing flourishes. Dan & Dave Buck acted as hand doubles for Eisenberg, and as always their work was interesting and graceful.

Along with a fooling version of Force of Thought, one of our favorite moments was when a copy of Bobo's Modern Coin Magic made an appearance sitting on the edge of a bed. It was little moments like this that really made the film a treasure for magicians.

All in all we highly recommend the movie!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Desperate Acts of Magic Screening in NYC

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Desperate Acts of Magic, an independent comedy film that happens to be quite magician relevant, will be screening in New York City starting tomorrow! Written about magic, this movie features professional magicians performing real magic without camera tricks or special effects.
"Capable performances...a believable script, and a handful of genuinely hilarious gags" 
- Pete Vonder Haar, The Village Voice 

"Fun. Inventive... Solidly entertaining... 8/10" 
- Mark Leeper's Film Reviews, Rotten Tomatoes Reviewer
The film will be playing at the Quad Cinema in NYC from May 3rd through May 9th. There will be Q&A's with the filmmakers after the 7:30pm screenings on Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th and after the 1pm screenings on Saturday May, 4th and Sunday, May 5th.

Those who attend opening weekend will get a free Desperate Acts of Magic poster. There will also be live magic performances throughout the weekend.

Buy your tickets now and enjoy the trailer!

Ernest Earick Passes Away

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Ernest Earick passed away this past week from cardiac arterial disease.

Earick's underground card classic, By Forces Unseen, has been a pivotal book in magic history. It has inspired legions of card magicians to grow and hone their craft.
"If, someday, some young magician approaches me tentatively to show me his or her creation using one of the sleights contained within these pages, ad my breath is taken away as I realize that this person has had the insight and creativity to pursue my original vision to a place I could not begin to dream of, I suspect that then, and only then, will I know just what a dreadful mistake this book has been. Oh well. Read on."
- Ernest Earick, Albuquerque, February, 1993
Our thoughts go out to Earick's family, friends and many many fans.