Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Mentalism Revolution in New York City.

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Ted Karmilovich (author of the Mother of All Book Tests 2.0) and Neal Scryer are two underground legends in modern mentalism who have recently released brand new effects. Karmilovich released his pet watch effect Now is the Time! and Scryer published his long awaited book Carnival of Secrets. Only two retailers in the world were given permission to sell these products and undoubtedly Tannen's is one of those two. Mentalists all over the world are starting to notice something interesting happening with the mentalism scene in New York...
"When we're in New York City for a Thirteen meeting [once a month], a couple of us make it a point to stop by Tannen's to see what's new in mentalism. They have recently become the place to go to find the best mentalism effects."
- Tony Razzano, Past President of P.E.A 
Do you want to present ParaPsychology tests for your audiences? Tannen's has the exclusive on Para-Labs products in the United States including the ParaPad, The ESP Collection and the Depicting Thoughts Set. Looking to levitate a table during your next seance? L.I.F.T. (Live Impromptu Floating Table) is available from just one place. Do you want to make your next tarot reading even more powerful? Tannen's Marked Tarot Cards will give you the capability to stun your audiences and constantly be one step ahead of them.

Neal Scryer and Ted Karmilovich are just some of the amazingly gifted mentalists who have trusted Tannen's as a reputable place to share their most recent effects. Now, when they come out with their next effects, you know the place where you can find them.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Howard Hamburg shares great stories and wonderful magic!

Howard Hamburg delivered a wonderful lecture to our New York City crowd last night. He delighted the audience with his stellar card tricks and his anecdotes about spending time at the Magic Castle with close-up legends like Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings and company.
"Vernon always thought 'select a card' was better than saying 'take a card,'" Howard said, "Semantics? Perhaps, but he [Vernon] knew a lot more then I did."
The highlights of the lecture included a great control which Howard dubbed the Oops Replacement as well as his extraordinary effect The Mystical 13. If you'd like to learn Howard Hamburg's material you can buy autographed copies of Howard's lecture notes D: Limited Edition here.

See a photo gallery of the Howard Hamburg lecture here and watch this video of Howard saying "hello" from Tannen's.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Howard Hamburg Lecture Around the Corner...

There's still time to sign-up for the Howard Hamburg Lecture this Thursday, August 23rd! The lecture starts at 7:00 PM at Tannen's, buy your tickets now!

Howard was friends with some of the greatest close up magicians of our time including Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings, Bruce Cervnon, Martin Nash and Charlie Miller. He studied with Vernon for many years both at The Magic Castle and at his home. He has lectured all over the United States and is now coming to Tannen's for his ONLY lecture in New York City!

Howard is currently Lecturer of the Year awarded by the Academy of Magic Arts and will share some great stories with you as well as some of his favorite effects both from his DVD “Howard Hamburg Sessions” and his best-selling set of notes, “D”Notes.  No matter what your level of magic is, you are bound to learn something new that you will USE when you leave the lecture!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lennart Green is a super-human card magician!

Swedish card magician, Lennart Green, lectured to a sold-out house last night!

His lecture was absolutely amazing. He shared his pet-effects, some of which were self-working and some of which involved super-human sleight-of-hand abilities. Lennart's work on the lateral palm, was awe-inspiring, he used the technique to lap, switch, deal, steal, etc. If Lennart can think it, he can do it.

One of the highlights was a weight based puzzle that Lennart developed using three boxes of cards. Check out this photo gallery of the Lennart Green lecture to share in the experience!

Want to see more great magic in NYC? Make sure you sign-up for the Howard Hamburg lecture, which will be held at Tannen's on Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 st 7:00 PM.

Watch this video of Lennart at Tannen's