Friday, August 24, 2012

Howard Hamburg shares great stories and wonderful magic!

Howard Hamburg delivered a wonderful lecture to our New York City crowd last night. He delighted the audience with his stellar card tricks and his anecdotes about spending time at the Magic Castle with close-up legends like Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller, Martin Nash, Larry Jennings and company.
"Vernon always thought 'select a card' was better than saying 'take a card,'" Howard said, "Semantics? Perhaps, but he [Vernon] knew a lot more then I did."
The highlights of the lecture included a great control which Howard dubbed the Oops Replacement as well as his extraordinary effect The Mystical 13. If you'd like to learn Howard Hamburg's material you can buy autographed copies of Howard's lecture notes D: Limited Edition here.

See a photo gallery of the Howard Hamburg lecture here and watch this video of Howard saying "hello" from Tannen's.