Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dynamo Levitates British Comedian

Dynamo, known in the UK as the Hip Hop magician, is proving why he's one of the world's best magicians.

The Bradford-born trickster levitated UK funnyman Matt Lucus 4ft above the ground at Arsenal's soccer teams north London stadium.

One minute the Little Britain comic was standing on the side of the field, the next he was hovering horizontally.

Dynamo's repertoire includes being able to move a girl's tan line up her arm and pulling a mint through his neck. He also has a neat color changing shoelace commercial effect as well avavilable here

Steve Frayne (Dynamo) grew up on Bradford's notorious Delph Hill Estate, one of the most violent and deprived estates in the north of England. Steve Frayne first learned magic tricks from his grandfather and developed them during trips to New Orleans. Wanting to innovate, Steve Frayne combined elements of dance and hip hop culture into his magic routines.

As word spread about his magic tricks he soon found himself performing on the celebrity circuit for stars like Paris Hilton and Busta Rhymes. He released an independent DVD called 'Underground Magic' featuring celebrities such as Coldplay, Gwenyth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg. The DVD generated considerable press in the UK and lead to appearances on shows such as Richard and Judy and a Channel 4 special 'Dynamo's Estate Of Mind'. Soon notoriety of his magic garnered enough attention to release a DVD called Concrete Playground.

Dynamo has since appeared on TV shows including Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Snoop Doggs Fatherhood and the MTV EMA's where he performed for The Foo Fighters, Nelly Furtado and Joss Stone. He has fronted commercials for Adidas and Nokia and recently appeared on the catwalk for Naomi Campbells Fashion For Relief.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mahka Tendo: Broken Wand

It is with much sadness that we report the passing of Japan’s Mahka Tendo from cancer early this morning at the age of 49. He was known for his stage act of card manipulation. He performed many styles of stage, parlour and close-up tricks.

1999 Foster Baird Prize
1998 Best Technique Magician Of The Year
1992 Grand Prix in Monte Carlo
1985 Top place of Manipulation category at FISM'85 in Madrid

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Young Brothers Work Their Magic: The Boston Globe

Ambitious youths, 9 and 13, dazzle with polished routines and intelligence.

Tannens' Magic Camper Jonah Conlin is featured with his brother Eli in this Boston Globe article.

Read it here!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeff Grow: Creating Illusion

New York based magician Jeff Grow is opening a new show "Creating Illusion" as part of the soloNOVA Arts Festival. The show begins on Monday, May 18th here in New York City.

The tools of the conjurer can be seen all around us. Jeff explores the diverse facets of the art of illusion - whether for entertainment or manipulation, beauty or deception. Elegant sleight of hand and surreal mind reading mix together to explore the tools of the art of creating illusion.

The 6th Annual soloNova Arts Festival continues celebrating excellence in solo performing and visual artist, including character pieces, storytelling, interactive fun design, dramatic and humorous monologues, paintings, singer/songwriters, magic, cabaret, performance art, photography, comedians and spoken word.

About Jeff Grow:

Whether Jeff is entertaining guests with intimate sleight of hand miracles or presenting stage magic for hundreds, he delights guests in a presentation that transcends simply puzzling people. The rich simplicity and direct nature of Jeff’s performance makes it accessible to a wide scope of audiences from Fortune 500 companies to up-and-coming arts festivals. Elegant sleight of hand and surreal mind reading mix together to explore the diverse facets of the art of illusion.

Jeff has been featured in award winning films, and national and international commercials for Progressive Insurance, Computer Associates, Absolute Poker and others.

He is a featured performer at New York City’s top venues and events. Chrysler Corporation, Jive Records, Eileen Fisher, the National Football League and a plethora of private clients have all incorporated Jeff's outstanding magic into their principal events. He is a regular performer at Monday Night Magic, the longest running off-Broadway show of it’s kind and his stage shows have been presented in venues through out New York City and Europe.

Monday - May 18 @ 9pm
Wednesday - May 20 @ 9pm
Friday - May 22 @ 9pm 
Saturday – May 23 @ 4pm 
Saturday - May 23 @ 9pm

DR2 Theatre
103 East 15th Street @ Union Square East
New York City

Tickets: $20 general admission, $15 students/ seniors. Click here!