Friday, March 19, 2010

So Whaddya Do: Magician

So Whaddya Do provides an inside look on how to break into your dream career.

Each week they explore a different career: Monday they post a video interview, Wednesday they follow up with some 'Job Jargon' (common words or phrases used in that job), and Friday they answer questions from YOU and post additional helpful info/tips/must-reads.

Magician / Entertainer
They spoke to Josh Beckerman at Tannen's Magic Shop in NYC about what it takes to be a successful Magician/Entertainer. Let's hear what he had to say...

The Bullets:

Josh always loved being in the spotlight and found his niche with magic.

He earned the nickname Card Boy, doing tricks for friends and teachers in middle and high school. His nickname followed him to college where he was known as Card Man, entertaining co-eds at parties on campus. Though entertaining was his dream, he majored in business just in case.

After graduation, he moved to New York City where he tried his hand at stand up comedy. Unfortunately, that wasn't paying the bills so he got a job in finance but continued to entertain at parties and charity events in the evening.

It took four years, but Josh made a name for himself and was able to quit his day job to focus exclusively on his career as a full time magician/entertainer.

Keys to Success: Confidence and persistence.

First step: If you're new to the trade, learn some tricks and try them out on friends and family. Tannen's Magic Shop is a great place to start. If you're ready to get that first job, contact event planners to see if they're in the market for an entertainer.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colbert Report: Health Care Magic

Stephen Colbert performs magic tricks such as the classic Cups and Balls, flash paper, and the Vanishing Ketchup Bottle to show how the Democrats are trying to pass health care reform. 

The Colbert Report is a spin-off from and counterpart to The Daily Show that comments on politics and the media in a similar way. It satirizes conservative personality-driven political pundit programs, particularly Fox News' and The O'Reilly Factor. The show focuses on a fictional anchorman character named Stephen Colbert, played by his real-life namesake. The character, described by Colbert as a "well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot", is a caricature of televised political pundits.

Larry Willmore had a comedy bit on The Daily Show With John Stewart last year (see blog here) stopped at our store to get some new magic tricks. He said "The Daily Show's magic is far better than the The Colbert Report". Let the battle begin.

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Health Care Magic
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grand Illusions

Grand Illusions

No Rabbit in a Hat, but Steve Cohen Has Magic Up His Sleeve

By N. R. Kleinfield
Published: March 3, 2010

Steve Cohen, who directs his sleight of hand and other tricks for the upper crust, performs as the Millionaires’ Magician.

In the article from this past Sunday's New York Times, Steve talks about his career and his start at Tannen's Magic Camp as well as a recent visit to the shop.

"For four summers, starting when he was 12, he attended Tannen’s Magic Camp on Long Island. A fellow camper was David Blaine and his counselor was Johnny Ace Palmer, a skilled close-up magician. While in high school, Mr. Cohen got $20 an hour to walk around doing magic at a local restaurant."

Read the full article here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magic on the L Train

Tannen's Magic friend and NYC magician Doug McKenzie posted this video "Magic on the L Train".  See the power of the Drawer Box and Tannen's Magic's Change Bag in action!