Tuesday, November 19, 2013

David Blaine returns in David Blaine: Real or Magic, tonight!

We are ecstatic to see the return of, former Tannen's Magic Camper and Counselor, David Blaine to television in the much-anticipated special

David Blaine: Real or Magic?

While promoting the special, David gave a little nod to Tannen's Magic Shop in this online interview with Ali Wentworth on her program The Daily Shot!

Tune in tonight to see David's return to magic on TV! Not convinced? Check out Entertainment Weekly's synopsis of what we can expect from David this evening:

Are David Blaine's magic tricks real? Can they be done anywhere? Those are the questions Blaine is addressing in his upcoming 90-minute special, David Blaine: Real or Magic?

Tuesday, November 19th at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on ABC

After working mainly on stunts since 1999, Blaine recently decided it was once again time to stretch his magic-trick muscles on camera. The twist? He wanted to go into the homes of some of the world's most famous people to get real reactions.

From Kanye West to Katy Perry, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Harrison Ford, George W. Bush, Olivia Wilde, Jamie Foxx, Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, and more, Blaine spent the past year making some of the most well-known people in the world question what's real in the comfort of their own living rooms, kitchens, pools, and more….

Best of luck, David and Welcome Back!!!