Friday, November 16, 2012

David Copperfield at Tannen's Magic Shop in New York City!

Copperfield with our very own Mike Patrick.
Longtime Tannen's friend and customer, David Copperfield, stopped by the store the other week to say hello!

Copperfield grew up with Tannen's. While he was at the store, he spoke to the guys about his first experience here. For months he had been reading the Tannen's catalog, he said, and saving up his money for the mysterious Temple Screen. Finally, his mother brought him into the store to make the purchase that we now know had set David Copperfield on the path to being the global superstar he is today.

At the SAM Convention in July, Copperfield spoke about the amazing feeling he got when he walked into Tannen's for the first time as a young magician. His friendship with the store has continued since that first visit. When Tannen's was still running the Jubilees, Copperfield was a regular attendee. He's also supported Tannen's Magic Camp by making an appearance or two over the years and teaching our campers why magic is so important.