Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playing the Race Card

On a comedy bit on The Daily Show With John Stewart, Larry Wilmore performs magic tricks to show white people how to play the race card. At 2:50 in the video he goes into his ambitious card routine with some nifty moves.

In 2006, Larry Wilmore began appearing regularly on The Daily Show With John Stewart, where he is billed as the "Senior Black Correspondent" or a derivative form of the title, such as the "Senior Executive Commander-in-Chief Who Happens To Be Black Correspondent" (following the election of Barack Obama). His work on the show frequently centers on humorous observations of the black experience in American society.

Wilmore was featured in Genii Magazine in March 2009 in the fowling articles.
1. Creatively Speaking with Larry Wilmore by David Regal
2. South Side Opener aka Red-Hot Brother by Larry Wilmore
3. The Flop-Over Double by Larry Wilmore