Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Women in Boxes

Women in Boxes is the first film to uncover the story of the Unsung Hero behind the magician. The devoted, if not masochistic Magic Assistant who distorts her body into impossible positions while the magician cuts her in pieces, stabs her, sets her on fire, crushes her, makes her disappear, then restores her to life with a dramatic Taa Daa and takes a bow to wild applause. Who is the woman who would subject herself to such torture, not to mention, the Magician's Ego? Are these women just bimbos parading around in skimpy clothes? Or are they the real magic behind the Illusionist?

Heretofore sworn to secrecy, this tough yet feminine group opened their homes, hearts and lives for the filmmakers and gave an insider’s view of love, life and magic family values. As this is a family affair, many of the women are joined on camera with their ‘more famous’ husbands, and some are interviewed with their daughters as they take their turn in the box.

In seeking out the greatest magic acts of the past 20th century, Women in Boxes went on a worldwide quest and hit gold in the untold lives of its main characters: Deanna Shimada, Coral (The Impossibilist) Reveen, Cathy (Shazzam) Daniel, Pam (Tomsoni and Co.) Thompson, Stacy (The Majestix) Jones, Luna Shimada, Moi Yo (Dante the Great) Miller, Frances (Willard the Wizard) Willard, Princess Irene Larsen (co-founder of The Magic Castle),
Gay Blackstone, Dove, Jan (Mis-made Lady) Jones, Lance Burton with Burton’s Babes, Criss (Mindfreak) Angel, and in a very rare occurrence, the magician Teller SPEAKS on camera!

Directed By: Harry Pallenberg, Directed By: Phil Noyes
2008, Running Time: 1:20
Content Rating: PG