Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Modern Con Man 3-DVD Collection

The Modern Con Man 3-DVD Collection
by Todd Robbins

You may have seen America’s #1 Con Man, Todd Robbins, on Leno, Letterman, or Conan. But it’s just as likely you’ve never heard of him - because Todd is a well-known authority and practitioner of all things deceptive.

Now, in The Modern Con Man Collection, Todd shares his catalog of cons and playful scams. This 3 DVD set shows you how easy it is to scam, bet, and trick your way to a free drink, a few extra bucks at the poker table, and laughs at the expense of your co-workers. Expect to make friends too, with this fun, tongue-in-cheek guide to suckering those you love — and those you’d like to know.

Learn games you’ll never lose, tricks they won’t figure out, and cons they’ll never see coming. With his concise and witty direction, Robbins ensures that all you’ll need to succeed is a smooth smile. Everyone loves a good con. And now, thanks to Todd Robbins, everyone can get in on the action!

Based on New York City magician and Tannen's Magic customer Todd Robbins' bestselling book, The Modern Con Man.

WORKPLACE PRANKS and other Way to Con Your Coworkers

When con-artists find the perfect sucker, they know they need to strike fast. Which is why your nightmare 9-to-5 is every grifter's dream: dozens of marks with nowhere to run. So stop thinking that you're stuck in an office with a bunch of lame coworkers. They're the ones who are stuck there with you!


Sit back and pour yourself a drink. It's the last one you're going to pay for. Todd Robbins shows you why the local bar has always been the best place for a scam artist to find a victim, or "mark." Shot on location in one of LA's "Hottest bars of the year" (Los Angeles Magazine), Todd shares his favorite "bar betchas" games your marks can never win, puzzles they won't solve, and tricks they'll never see coming. These 30 scams include NIM, an Egyptian matchstick game that once won Nick the Greek $200,000 shot glass turnover, a simple challenge that will drive friends crazy... and loads more.

POKER NIGHT GAMES and Other Card-Playing Tricks

The cards have been dealt, wages have been made, and drinks have been served. There's no better set-up for a con artist with a catalog of tricks. Take advantage of the gambling spirit with these games, scams and bets all designed for poker night. Todd Robbins, master of the late-night swindle, shows you 25 new cons including Australian Poker, a variation that won't ever fail you; Best Hand, a poker challenge you opponents will lose as quickly as they accept; No-Chance Poker, a lethal one-on-one game you'll win no matter how often they demand a rematch and many, many more.

Run Time: 195 minutes

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