Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ernest Earick Passes Away

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Ernest Earick passed away this past week from cardiac arterial disease.

Earick's underground card classic, By Forces Unseen, has been a pivotal book in magic history. It has inspired legions of card magicians to grow and hone their craft.
"If, someday, some young magician approaches me tentatively to show me his or her creation using one of the sleights contained within these pages, ad my breath is taken away as I realize that this person has had the insight and creativity to pursue my original vision to a place I could not begin to dream of, I suspect that then, and only then, will I know just what a dreadful mistake this book has been. Oh well. Read on."
- Ernest Earick, Albuquerque, February, 1993
Our thoughts go out to Earick's family, friends and many many fans.