Wednesday, March 20, 2013


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If you have never attended NEMCON you are missing a great 1 day convention.

Only and hour and 40 minute drive from Manhattan, this 1 day event is an early morning to late night gathering that gives a good bang for the Buck.

The nice bonus at this 1 day convention is the annual Silent Auction. This year there were autographed, limited edition Lance Burton posters as well as a number of DVD sets including one from René Levand which had a large interest.

Lectures featured Paul Gertner the honoree of the show who devoted a chunk of his lecture to the business of getting gigs and retaining clients. Solid advice from someone who is definitely an authority. Of course, Gertner included his ever in demand cups and balls routine featured in his out of print book Steel and Silver.

Another great lecture at this year's convention was the always entertaining Tom Burgoon who kept all attending in stitches throughout his talk.  Burgoon is very funny and extremely creative with his magic and gags.

The mid-day close-up show included the above lecturers as well as Atlanta Magician Ken Scott who was very amusing. Also performing was an impressive young magician, Oliver Dodd, a previous SYM competition winner.

The evening show lasted a little over 3 hours and included the very smooth peformance of George Sarterial who did a great dove act which brought to mind the renowned Lance Burton.

It is really worthwile to attend this very well executed 1 day gathering. You will be glad you did.

The evening show had a surprise short performance from Eric Dittleman, a runner-up
on the most recent America's Got Talent.