Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dan & Dave Buck and Chad Nelson Lecture: Report

At Tannen's Magic we had the opportunity to host Dan & Dave Buck and Chad Nelson for a lecture. We had a full house for the sold-out lecture and the lecturers did not disappoint. Using a novel approach the lecture did not begin with any tricks or methods.

The lecture began with finger exercises and tips on breaking in a new deck. Then the lecture shifted into sleigh-of-hand techniques and flourishes. The one of highlights of the lecture was Chad Nelson explaining his revolutionary Clip Shift technique from his Surfaced DVD. The move had been generating some buzz on the Internet and it was great to see the sleight done well live in person. His effect ‘Criterion’ is a sublime visual version of Roy Walton’s Collectors plot.

The Buck twins also performed various effects and flourishes from their The Trilogy and The System DVDs . The lecture was well organized with the presenters reviewing the material during the lecture on a laptop just prior to the actual presentations. The material was well taught. And it was clearly evident that these young men knew not only the material but the history as well.