Friday, January 30, 2009

Patrick Redford Lecture: Report

Despite the miserable snowy weather there was a good turnout for the Patrick Redford. Those who braved the weather were not disappointed by the quality of lecture. He opened the lecture with an intriguing bill divination. The highlight of the lecture was the Prevarication piece. The routine is based on two spectators concealing a hidden object amongst one of them. One spectator lies and one tells the truth. By asking one question Mr. Redford is able to locate the hidden object. A DVD on this routine produced by Joshua Jay will soon be released in a few months.

The other routine worthy of mention was Glemme. It’s a clever routine designed to cause momentary amnesia in an onstage spectator. All of the pieces presented by Patrick were products of long hours of hard work and research. He could easily gone into tiny details of the routines. Redford closed the lecture with a performance piece involving a prediction in a box.