Friday, July 17, 2009

Think-A-Drink: Ryan Oakes New iTunes App

There's a great new magic app in the iTunes App Store now... Predicty.

It is created by New York magician and Tannen's Magic Camp Alum, Ryan Oakes. The effect is a simple mentalism feat designed for anyone to be able to perform. The well-designed app has two versions of the effect included... one called

"Think-a-Drink" that involves alcoholic beverages and another called"Predict-a-Pet" that involves household pets (for when you want toperform the trick for kids!). As the performer you show a spectatorfour images on your phone and ask them to think of one. You make aprediction then place the phone face down so it can't be changed. The
spectator reveals their choice and the phone is turned over to reveala correct prediction! It's easy to do and immediately repeatable. 

You can purchase the app at the iTunes App Store. For $0.99 this trick is a lot of fun... and especially useful if you
want to break the ice in a bar.