Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mario's Magical Creations

Mario's Magical Creations: a vintage-inspired series by Mario Marchese 

New York-based magician and tinkerer Mario Marchese, a.k.a. Mario the Magician, has spent his downtime over the past couple of years crafting beautiful, vintage-inspired close-up magic illusions from found objects and re-purposed materials. Mario's favorite creations, chosen especially with Tannen's Magic loyalists in mind. These are truly works of art, intricate and intriguing. Each item is made-to-order and completely handmade, so you will receive a collector's item that is uniquely yours and one-of-a-kind (design of box or tin will vary).

Take a look at Mario's five new creations Bouncy Ball Mayhem, Corinda's Coin Box, Old Tin Card Rise, Tarot Mind Mystery, Think of a Card Box here!