Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shane Gillen Lays the Cards Down for Kelsey Grammer

Shane Gillen, 22, is an Irish entertainer with his expertise lying in card and mind magic. Shane is in New York City this summer to perform his street magic.

He visited us at the shop last week stocking up on some supplies and said that he was going to perform magic for the actor Kelsey Grammer, famous from TV sitcoms such as Cheers and Frasier, at his home. Well he did!

Shane specializes in close-up table-to-table magic, and has dabbled in stage work. He is progressively getting more-and-
more into the mind control mentalism area. He has
done magic for some very prestigious clients - most recently performing magic both backstage at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards and at the afterparty, as well as in the VIP section and backstage at Lady Gaga's show in The O2 in London.