Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mark Mason Lecture Announced!

Mark Mason is coming to Lecture here at Tannen's Magic. Reserve your ticket now for this awesome lecture!
Although Marks lectures cover effects in many fields, cards, coins, ropes, mentalism, close up, strollingand stand up the key is always on entertainment. You will quickly become aware Mark has all the skills, but we are sure you will agree his number one skill are his PEOPLE SKILLS.

Mark has performed his lectures over 200 times at different magic clubs and societies across the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and the rest of the world. This number alone speaks volumes for his abilty

With Mark having so much material to offer his fellow magicians, he is asked to return to many clubs and conventions on numerous occasions where he always delivers a fun and exciting evening.

Highlights from Mark’s current Lecture:

Stuck up Monte - Marks opening commer cial effect the best 3 card monte you will ever see.

Comedy Card In Shoe - you will laugh out loud at Marks brilliant ambitious card rou tine, climaxing with the signed card in his shoe.

Coin Flux - A brilliant non sleight of hand 3 coin matrix, the method is sheer genius.

Hindu Rope Surprise - Comedy cut and re stored rope with a genuine climax. Marks scissors gag is worth the price of the lecture.

Attitude Force - Voted the best item from Mark’s lecture, a no classic, classic force that you will love and use within 15 minutes.

The Put and Take Move - You will be rub bing your eyes when you see the put and take move.