Thursday, November 4, 2010

Former Tannen's Campers Recognized and Applauded!

Two former Tannen's Magic Campers were recognized for outstanding contributions in their field this past week.

Michael Grasso, who was just seen on America's Got Talent, made the cover of November's MAGIC Magazine. The article, by Rory Johnston, highlighted the AGT experience and how performers prepare for the show. It's a very interesting read and definitely worth checking out.

Resident New York City comedian and current magic camp counselor, Harrison Greenbaum, was recently presented with the Andy Kaufman award. The award was created by Andy Kaufman's father and, "honors Andy Kaufman's creative spirit while simultaneously shining a spotlight on promising performers with the potential to impact the evolving culture of comedy."

Congratulations to Harrison and Michael!

Sankey's back..... Jay Sankey's Hardcore coming soon to your front door....