Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Renovations!

We're VERY excited about our new paint job here at the store. The walls are a deep burgundy and the ceiling is the color of the night sky. It's still a work in progress, new lighting is on its way and we're going to detail stars along the ceiling and a gold leaf pattern inlaid along the walls.
If you have not visited Tannen's lately you will be in for a treat. The store is now more magical than ever - colorwise that is. The Tannen's guys have been hard at work putting a new face on their ever so stocked showroom. The beautiful newly painted digs will make you feel transplanted in a truly magical way.
-George Wells (customer)
Come by and check it out yourself, we're sure that you'll find the store more comforting and magical!

Here's a video just in case you can't visit: