Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giobbi was Incredible! A true Maestro!

New Yorkers were enthralled by Roberto Giobbi's lecture last night, his Homage to Dai Vernon.

From the Cups and Balls to Vernon's Poker Deal and the classic Linking Rings, Roberto not only showed us why Vernon's legacy is so great but analyzed every move, gesture and line. Roberto brought in video clips of Vernon which were played throughout the lecture. After each video he would demonstrate the ins and outs of what made that routine so great in Vernon's hands.

For a close-up kinda guy, this lecture was priceless. Non-stop fun and interesting anecdotes that encapsulated the life and magic of Dai Vernon.

On the day before the lecture Roberto hosted a full-day workshop, the Card College Seminar, which was also absolutely fantastic. Fifteen students from all walks of New York life joined us for the workshop which focused entirely on card magic. After a full day with Roberto Giobbi one couldn't help but feel inspired.

Thank you to all of our customers for joining us at the workshop and the lecture and of course a BIG thank you to Roberto for giving us a very magical two days.

Card College Seminar Students with Roberto