Friday, June 15, 2012

Max Maven kicks off Thinking in Person

Tannen's was thrilled to be part of Max Maven's opening for his off-Broadway mentalism show, Thinking in Person, which premiered last night to a sold-out crowd!

Producers say the show "sets out to take the audience on a journey to explore some of the mysteries of the human mind and aims to challenge our assumptions of what we think we know with the mystery of what we can't know. It's more than a ruse to amaze with trickery; it's a magic act woven into slivers of metaphysics."
Tannen's President and Owner, Adam Blumenthal, contributed to the production as an associate lighting designer working with Jules Fisher, the legendary Broadway designer and life-long magic fan. The show is directed by Sandy Marshall, son of the great Jay Marshall and owner of Magic Inc. in Chicago. 

Tannen's is very excited to bring Max in to lecture for NYC magicians and mentalists in two weeks on Monday, June 25th. Tickets are still available for Max's lecture here!