Monday, July 2, 2012

J. J. Abrams stops by Tannen's in NYC

J. J. Abrams is the creator of some of our greatest contemporary films and television shows including the hit show Lost and films Star Trek and Super 8. Even with so much success, he'll be the first to tell you that his creative inspiration began with the Tannen's Mystery Boxes!

Last week, J. J. stopped by Tannen's to pay a visit to the place where his creative wheels began turning. He's a big fan of magic and he had a great time watching the Tannen's demonstrators perform. J. J. was specifically interested in sleight-of-hand based card work, and he left with both Utopia by Dani Daortiz and the Essential Dai Vernon, perfect items for the serious card student.

The next time J. J. visits we're sure that he'll have a lot more tricks up his sleeve!

Check out this video of J. J. at Tannen's!