Monday, January 21, 2013

Kainoa Harbottle WOWS New York Crowd

Kainoa Harbottle and David Roth
Kainoa Harbottle describes himself as an expert amateur conjurer, and the inventor of sundry clever sleights and expedients. Indeed that self-description holds true. Last Thursday night, at his Tannen's lecture debut, Kainoa totally blew away the New York City crowd with his clear and direct routines and his impeccable chops.

Kainoa's lecture focused mostly on coin magic but did include some card magic, one highlight was a very fooling in the hands false faro shuffle. Still, the coins really stole the show, at one point Kainoa produced dozens of coins, each one appearing from nowhere and rolling over his knuckles before falling into an opaque goblet.

Lecture notes are available in very limited quantity so give Tannen's a call if you're interested at 212-929-4500.

Take a look at the photo album here and watch this video of Kainoa saying "hello" from Tannen's!