Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Axel Hecklau's EVOLUTION Lecture

Recently, Tannen's had the distinct pleasure of having one of Germany's finest magicians, Axel Hecklau, on hand to give a dynamite lecture.

Axel taught some genuine gems from his repertoire, and had an absolute blast with our intrigued audience! He's a terrific thinker, and his work in the art of magic is most certainly worth a look!

Check him out at AxelHecklau.com!

Some highlights:

Axel shares his remarkable Spoonaround routine.

Guests were treated to Axel's handling and thoughts on the classic Rope Thru Neck illusion.

A clever and ungimmicked approach to a popular card tossing routine was a major hit!

We hope all attendees had a great time learning from Axel, and our deepest thanks to Axel Hecklau himself for joining us and sharing his favorite effects!