Thursday, March 27, 2014

Magic At Coney

We at Tannen's Magic Shop are thrilled to see a New York magic institution receive some recognition in this month's Genii Magazine (April 2014, featuring Paul Daniels on the cover)!

The incredible magic history of Coney Island dates back to the heyday of Jean Hugard and Jean Herrmann, who opened magic theatres in Coney, as well as Henry Roltair (renowned illusion builder of the time), Horace Goldin, Jansen, Si Stebbins, Francis Carlyle, Al Baker, Dai Vernon and (of course) Harry Houdini.

Of particular note, the great Al Flosso (the Coney Island Fakir himself) worked the sideshows at Coney, including Dreamland. Al also owned and operated his very own legendary magic shop, which would eventually move just one wall away from where Tannen's Magic Shop now resides today!

Image of Al & Jackie Flosso Courtesy of MagicTimes Spotlight News

This astounding legacy for the art of magic at Coney Island continues under the watchful eye of Gary Dreifus, who has been producing Magic at Coney since 2011. His work on the show is pure gold directly from his enormous heart. His passion for this wonderful institution is contagious, and it is an inspiration to see it continue to thrive, as today's modern greats perform alongside the magic legends of tomorrow.

Kudos from Tannen's Magic Shop to Gary for doing so well to keep magic alive in a location it truly belongs, and thanks to Carl Mercurio for sharing the tale with the global magic community this month in "The Conjurer's Magazine!"