Tuesday, June 30, 2009

David Blaine and Ellen Hit Chicago Streets

Ellen’s Bigger Longer and Wider Show
DeGeneres is in the third edition of her variety show, which features live music, dancers and unique specialty acts.

David Blaine and Ellen DeGeneres went out on the streets of Chicago and did some great street magic. Here is a list of similar effects that David and Ellen did on the show.

Card Fictions: Finger Flicker where only one finger is used for one of the coolest demonstrations of precision and skill with a deck of cards. Easy to perform with any deck, anywhere, anytime.
Two Card Monte: An effect David Blaine performed a number of times on his Street Magic Special - Eddie Fetcher’s "Be Honest - Was Is It?" (also referred to as the "Two Card Monte"). David Williamson offers a terrific version of this great in the hands card trick with his variation entitled "The Memory Test" don’t miss it.
Watch Steal: The definitive guide on how to steal a watch.
Mouth Coils: Produce yards of tissue ribbon from your mouth.
Vanishing Cane: Watch it disappear.
Dancing Cane: The performer enters carrying a handsome cane which snaps to life at his command, floating from hand to hand.
iPhone: Application available at exclusively at iTunes.