Friday, January 8, 2010

Aaron Fisher's: FREE "Double Lift" Lesson!

Aaron Fisher, creator of the One-Hand Popover and Search and Destroy, and author of the Paper Engine has had a great year. So great that he put some thoughts about the double lift The following video is from him to you. After watching it, your double lift will get better.

There are two types of magicians: those who have been caught doing a Double Lift and those who lie about it.

Every card magician uses the Double Lift; it is one of the most essential sleights in card magic but using it CORRECTLY is not as straight forward as you may think.

Learn how to improve your performance from the master of card magic. In this casual session Aaron Fisher dissects the all important Double Lift and shares his personal tips on giving you a leg up. If you use the Double Lift today, you owe it to your audience to watch what Aaron has to say about it.

Happy New Year from Aaron Fisher and Tannen's Magic!

Aaron Fisher: Double Lift (Windows Media)
Aaron Fisher: Double Lift (Quicktime)

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