Friday, January 8, 2010

Mike Patrick's "Cointality" on Reel Magic

Michael Patrick, Tannen's Magic's awesome demonstrator and Magic Camp icon, is featured in the current Reel Magic #14.

Reel Magic is the "hot" new juicy video magazine with interviews, columns, tricks and review of all that is magic. Our staff his very high on this magazine of the future.

In this issue Michael Patrick preforms  "Cointality" in the Move Monkey portion of the magazine. It is a sequence that can be used at the beginning or ending of any three coin routine. Michael performs and explains this in detail in this month's issue.

Here is Michael's "own" unique about me:

"MICHAEL PATRICK - The "Michael Patrick" of Close-Up Magic

Mike Patrick invented magic over 9,000 years ago in an attempt to describe the overall concept of awesomeness. Obviously, he succeeded because his magic can only be described as "truly outrageous." He blends his magic with his bizarrely encyclopedic knowledge of everything on the Internet and TV to create magic with an unfathomable amount of pop culture references. Imagine Kevin Smith doing magic tricks (only A LOT sexier) and you are on the right track. He performs regularly at private events all over the planet, and at Ninja New York, where he enjoys dressing like a ninja and rambling incoherently about He-Man.

This issue features:

Wayne Dobson: Wayne Kawamoto talks with Dobson about how multiple sclerosis has affected his approach to magic, changed his career - and redirected his life

Daniel Garcia: Part two of Kozmo's talk with Daniel at MAGICLive! Daniel discusses working with David Blaine

Running Time Approximately: 2hr 26mins