Thursday, April 29, 2010

Magic and Storytelling: Asi Wind

PRI's The World a one-hour, weekday radio news magazine offering a mix of news, features, interviews, and music from around the globe has just released this new interview. 

Magicians sometimes compare their art to that of storytellers. But The World’s Alex Gallafent tells us that for some foreign-born magicians, their language barriers can sometimes affect their performances. Download MP3.

Magician Asi Wind (pictured) has created an interactive trick: Download MP3. He wants you to think of a number and then email him here.

Asi Wind is from New York by way of Israel. He is a magician who has honed his craft all over the world. In Israel, Asi holds the title as Best Magician of the Year 1998/1999 and has sent waves through the world of magic since arriving in the United States. Recently Asi was featured on the TV show "Celebracadabra" airing on VH1, and is working on a new TV project that, for now, remains a secret.

In his appearances on television and in his live shows, Asi combines comedy, magic, dramatic moments and electrifying miracles. You are never quite sure what might happen with this unpredictable performer. One moment, he might foresee how many push-ups a member of the audience can do live on stage, and at another he might be reading your friends mind over your cell-phone.

Between live appearances, writing for several news papers and performing at trade shows and corporate events, Asi manages to also appear at countless private parties.

Besides performing, Asi invents original magic, and lectures to magicians around the world.

Of course, for him its all just the beginning.