Thursday, April 8, 2010

Magic in the Park at Joe's Pub

Magic in the Park is a magical journey and entertainment showcase that pays homage to the late Dr. Abraham B. Hurwitz, New York City’s “Official Magician”. Continuing in the tradition of his legendary “Peter Pan the Magic Man” shows, Magic in the Park features magic and mental acts, juggling, ventriloquism, puppetry, music, and much more.

Hurwitz was a Yeshiva University education professor who was so deft and admired at his magic act that he was named New York City's "official magician" by Mayor Fiorello La Guardia. 

Dr. Hurwitz was a city recreation director when Mayor Fiorello La Guardia gave him the official magician title during the Depression. For 18 years, he took his magic show to schools and recreation centers and put on annual magic shows in parks in every borough. For years after he left the department he continued his magic shows as a volunteer. Among his proteges was his daughter, Shari Lewis, the world famous ventriloquist and developer of Lamb Chop.

Abe Hurwitz was born in Lithuania in 1906. He graduated from City College of New York, got his master's degree from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in educational guidance from New York University. He began mixing magic with teaching as a guidance counselor at the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphanage. He retired from Yeshiva in 1974. He died September 29, 1981.

The New York Times, in 1981, wrote that Hurwitz “entertained more than a million young people” at free performances in New York City’s schools, parks, recreation centers and playgrounds.

Performing in these family-friendly, 70 minute shows are:

May 2 –
Emcee “Cajun Cellist” Sean Grissom
Funny Guy, Magician and Plate Spinner Robert Baxt
Magician David Boyd (Tannen's Magic Camper)
The Magicomedian and "Dean of American Magicians" George Schindler
Abe’s grand-daughter, Emmy Award winner Mallory Lewis with Lamb Chop (Headliner)

May 16 –
Emcee “Cajun Cellist” Sean Grissom
The Magicomedian and "Dean of American Magicians" George Schindler
Society of Young Magician’s Jen Kramer
Ventriloquism extraordinaire Carla Rhodes
Atlanta Magician of the Year Debbie Leifer

May 23 -
Emcee “Cajun Cellist” Sean Grissom
Society of Young Magician’s Reuben Moreland (Tannen's Magic Camper)
The Magicomedian and "Dean of American Magicians" George Schindler
Juggler Jen Slaw
LA’s Macabre Magician Rob Zabrecky

Schedules and performers subject to change

425 Lafayette Street between East 4th and Astor Place, New York, NY

Tickets are $20 per person, and can be purchased 24 hours a day online at or by calling 212-967-7555. For table reservations, call 212-539-8778