Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Borders of The Mind: Joshua Kane

Mentalist Joshua Kane is coming to Westport with "Borders of the Mind: The Psychic Show for the Whole Family" on Thursday, July 15th, at 8 p.m. at the Saugatuck Elementary School auditorium in Westport, CT. There is no admission charge; the performance is one of 58 free shows presented by the Friends of the Levitt Pavilion this summer.

With warmth and charm, mentalist Joshua Kane leads audiences through a dazzling demonstration of the powers of the mind.

Like Professor X of legend, Kane identifies those in the audience with special abilities who will successfully project their own thoughts and tap the powers of their intuition.An amazing, interactive performance where the entire audience experiences simultaneous telepathy and witnesses dazzling feats of lie detection and what must be psychic phenomena. People of all ages leap to participate in the Strange Happenings at the Borders of the Mind.

Can he read your mind? or is it mastery of reading body language that allows Kane to distinguish liars from truth-tellers? Or perhaps it’s the same craft for which witches were burnt at the stake. with the popularity of current television shows such as The Mentalist and Lie To Me, Kane's performance could not be more timely.

A classically trained actor, Kane has studied with Stella Adler, Bobby Lewis, the National Shakespeare Conservatory & Marcel Marceau. A member of Actors Equity Association, Kane has toured internationally with a series of one-man shows and played limited runs at off-Broadway’s historic Lambs Theatre and the Neighborhood Playhouse. In his unique one-man shows, Kane brilliantly blends the power and dramatic sweep of solo theatre with the ancient art of storytelling, creating compelling and provocative performances.