Wednesday, July 28, 2010

get to know reed spool

reed spool prefers his name in the lower case. it looks better. he is currently attending umass lowell class of '014, majoring in computer science. reed is a magician, artist, amateur programmer, and all around cool kid.

reed started magic at the age of 14, when a mysterious masked man at a halloween party showed him a coin trick. reed proceded to spend way too much time practicing. things got serious in '07, when he took the first of his two consecutive first place awards at Tannen's Magic Camp's annual competition. now-a-days, reed enjoys performing whenever possible in a variety of venues. to date, reed has performed with a disproportionate amount of belly dancers.

reed was born on april 2, 1990 and raised in andover, massachusetts. since then he has been, at an inconsistant pace, growing older, larger, and wiser. in the spring of '08, reed failed to graduate high school. in the fall, reed joined AmeriCorps*NCCC, a 10 month national service program for 18-24 year olds. at the end of a crazy year of service, he completed his GED, and moved back home for a year. at the moment, reed is excited to start studying at umass lowell in the fall.

myth has it that reed has no love but for his thimbles: greeny, whitey, greeny, whitey, greeny, whitey, greeny, and whitey.