Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Justin Miller Lecture: Report

On February 28th Justin Miller joined us at Tannen’s Magic from Ohio to lecture for us that evening. Justin performed several routines from his professional repertoire. The first half of the lecture focused on close-up items using cards and coins. An outstanding piece was Miller’s Silver Dream, which is a coin sequence vanishing and producing three coins. The second half of the lecture focused on invisible thread work. It was a treat to watch Justin perform and explain the Haunted Pack utilizing loops as a locomotive force. The evening was capped off with a demonstration and discussion of “The Cloak” hook-up. It was great to see in attendance that evening several Tannen’s Magic Camp Campers: Tatanka T., Colin Z., Alex B., and Spencer P. and Dan W. If you missed that lecture don’t fret we have a pair of gents from the UK forthcoming; Marc Oberon on March 13th and Will Houstoun on April 30th.

Justin is seen floating a Sharpie!