Monday, March 31, 2008

Poll Results: What Is Your Favorite Card Packet Trick?

The winner of the Tannen’s Magic Blog Poll “What Is Your Favorite Card Packet Trick?” is MacDonald’s $100 Four Ace Trick with 45% of the voting. The trick was published in 1972 by Tannen’s Magic and is a classic version of an ace assembly. An ace assembly is a trick were the four aces each start in a separate pile of four cards. Three of the aces vanish from their respective pile to assemble together in one pile. When Frank Garcia performed it in on a nationally televised show, then California Senator George Murphy said, “This is absolutely the most spectacular card trick I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Phil Goldstein’s B’wave came in second with 29% of the votes and Michael Skinner’s Ultimate Three Card Monte came in third with 12% of the votes. A future contender worthy of interest for the poll may be Royal Scam by John Bannon. NFW, Twisted Sister, and Wild Card all tied with 1% of the voting.