Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Trickiest Man in Hollywood

Neil Hamilton: Paramount Pictures by Gene Robert Richee
Courtesy of the Doug Edwards Collection

"The Trickiest Man in Hollywood is Neil Hamilton, Paramount player, and he is frankly proud of his title. Considered one of the best amateur magicians in the west, Hamilton amuses himself as well as his guests with a long list of intricate and mystifying tricks. His repertoire includes a record-breaking cleaning and dying act takes 'em out of their seats. Into his magic black velvet bag, Neil place a white handkerchief. In a spit second he brings forth the same object which has turned forth the same object which has turned a flaming red in the interim."

Neil Hamilton (1899-1984) was a popular silent screen star, later working as a character actor in television. He is best known to later audiences as Commissioner Gordon in the Batman television series.